Grown Ups 2 (2013)

What was the plot of the movie? I never found one but in my defense I’m
not sure the movie ever had one. Adam Sandler just paraded a phone book full of entertaining people from different entertainment industries around the screen but never really did anything with any of them. I don’t even know what Sandler’s target audience is anymore. The jokes, and I use the term jokes lightly, were predictable and boring almost the entire movie. Now I said almost the entire movie, I did appreciated the two slightly humorous moments that brought a smile to my face. That’s two more than the disaster that was Jack and Jill. Oddly enough, people went to Grown Ups 2 and it did well enough for a third entry into this sad series. I didn’t hate the first one but unfortunately for Sandler, the mild success the first one had on me couldn’t be duplicated.

Come back to us old Sandler. This is turning into an abusive relationship and for some reason I haven’t packed my bag and left yet. Give me something to care about or believe in again. Please…

Rating – D