Lincoln (2012)

Lincoln is biographical film based around Abraham Lincoln and his decision to emancipate the slaves during the Civil War. The film stretches out to 2 hours and 30 minutes and by stretches I mean a very slow burn with little punch. Not the greatest movie going experience thanks to a pair of “ladies” and a 10 minute nap I took midway through the film. Nothing worse than feet with no shoes on, on top of the seat ahead of them, texting, talking, cracking of a water bottle smuggled in, and laughing at things having nothing to do with the film. The nap was pleasant though.

It’s a very strong and deep cast filled with faces from hit TV shows paired with some of the acting greats. It all starts with Daniel Day-Lewis’s strong performance as Abraham Lincoln. Anyone else as Lincoln and I might have checked out and had a whole new opinion on this film. He won me over instantly with his uncanny ability to make the character his and I wouldn’t be shocked if he was up for some awards for his performance. Even though these two are considered great actors I thought Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Stevens and Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln were distracting and bad. Sally Field might win an award on WE or the Lifetime channel for her performance but it didn’t cut it for the big screen and Tommy Lee Jones had a pretty important role in this film but it just felt like there was no heart or effort put into this character. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who I love, was put into the film as Lincoln”s son Robert and had a small and meaningless storyline. The family drama his character brought felt very forced and unneeded. The fight for votes to emancipate the slaves during the Civil War was enough drama for this film. James Spader and John Hawkes brought some much-needed comedic humor in their great performances as W.N. Bilbo (Spader) and Robert Latham (Hawkes.)

The film was beautifully shot and Daniel Day-Lewis gave us a very strong performance. The pace of it was like I said, a very slow burn with little punch. By “little punch” I’m not saying it needed a big surprise ending… that would be foolish being it’s a biopic and based on a true story. I just wasn’t able to fully buy into what I was watching even though I tried to several times. I needed some Civil War scenes showing the war going on while Lincoln fights his own political war to right one of Americans worst wrong doings. All in all I did enjoy this film and would recommend it.

Rating – 7/10


2 thoughts on “Lincoln (2012)

  1. Nice review David. It surprisingly isn’t as obvious and hokey as you’d expect from a Spielberg movie in recent time. Great thing too, because there’s plenty here to enjoy and take away from.

    • Thanks! I just moved to word press from blogger, so I just transferred some reviews over and back dated them.

      I have since re-watched Lincoln and I think my review holds up. I do think I was slightly wrong on Tommy Lee Jones though. He definitely had his heart in the role, I just didn’t like his performance as much as others did.

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