Baywatch (2017)

DavidWatchedIt reviews are back and back with a… thud. Baywatch staring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron sounds fun right? Directed by Seth Gordon, the guy who has brought us such classics like Identity Thief and Horrible Bosses. Ok, not classics and one of those is a shit box but the other I liked. Sequel was even ok, but back to Baywatch and how fun it sounds. Truth is, it’s not fun or enjoyable. Like not even a little bit. It’s painfully bad, as most probably expected, including myself.

The movie starts with a cheesy rescue by Dwayne Johnson’s character that sets the tone as an over the top action comedy, or is it? The following couple scenes are set around some raunchy comedy that involves a poor mans Josh Gad performance by actor Jon Bass. Unfortunately, these comedic beats miss and miss badly. Honestly can’t lay much of the blame on the cast. It really felt like they cared about their performances, they were just given a script that was dog shit. Efron and Johnson had great chemistry that sadly was miss handled and under used. Eventually, the movie tries to get dramatic and action packed with a drug smuggling plot that no one cares about and don’t get me started on the horrible CGI and poor editing.

21 Jump Street pulled this type of movie off flawlessly. Extremely self aware with a very well written script. It had a crime solving element to it that was on the back burner and they made the audience care just enough about it. Baywatch failed in all aspects. The cast is very likable, but the rest is just an absolute mess. Don’t see this. A well casted movie, wasted by poor writing, confusing tone, and a lack of direction.

Rating – 3/10

Last Month in Watched It: July 2017

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