2015 Fall Movie Preview

Fall preview time! It’s time to look at what has already came out this Fall and what else is on the way. Here are my most anticipated movies for September, October, and November.

Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall 2015 Movies

5. Bridge of Spies, October 16th

  • Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks team up again and audiences should be excited. These two have previously given us such good films as Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal, and Saving Private Ryan. The trailers for this have looked great and with these two running the project, you know it will be great!


4. The Martian, October 2nd

  • Ridley Scott is back in space and right where we love him to be. From what I have gathered in limited research this is based off a popular book and is the story of an American astronaut left on Mars after being presumed dead during a storm on the planet. Turns out he has survived and now must use his resources and knowledge to live on Mars until help arrives… if they even know he is there.


3. Spectre, November 6th

  • James Bond is back and looks better than ever. Skyfall was fantastic and this appears to be in the same vein. Not much to say, since I have tried to avoid any news or spoilers of this movie. Just go see it.


 2. Sicario, September 25th

  • Denis Villeneuve is back with what appears to be another amazing offering. Now, I have yet to see Enemy, but I loved Prisoners. In Sicario, Emily Blunt takes the lead as an FBI agent working near the Mexican Boarder. Taking on the Mexican Cartel. The trailer for Sicario might be the strongest of the year. I loved it and can’t wait for the film.


 1. Black Mass, September 18th

  • Is Johnny Depp back? This movie might be his triumphant return to film… or it might bury him forever. He’s not playing a goofy oddball character in Black Mass, instead he is taking on the persona of Whitey Bulger. A prominent figure in Boston’s crime scene in the 1970’s. The trailer looks chilling and Depp appears to have nailed the character. Trailers have been wrong before, but I’m buying in. I’m a believer!


5 Honorable Mentions

  • Everest, September 18th
  • Crimson Peak, October 16th
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, November 20th
  • The Good Dinosaur, November 25th
  • Creed, November 25th

Last Month in Watched It: September 2015

What I Watched September 2015


  • Private Parts (1997)
  • San Andreas (2015)
  • Camp X-Ray (2014)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
  • It Follows (2015)
  • I Am Chris Farley (2015)

TV Shows:

  • An Idiot Abroad (Season 3)
  • Curb Your Enthusiam (Season 2)
  • Married (Season 1)
  • Seinfeld (Season 1)
  • Daredevil (Season 1)
  • Mr. Robot (Season 1)